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  •  All-inclusive 7-Day Ultimate Nature
  •  Day 1: Arrive and relax in your hotel
  •  Day 2: Dolphin Encounter and Dunn's River
  • Day 3: E-Bike Nature Ride
  • Day 4: Bamboo River Rafting and Horseback Ride
  • Day 5: Reggae Sunset Catamaran Cruise 
  • Day 6: Wonders of Negril Beach Break 
  • Day 7: Departure 

This itinerary is a dream come true for nature lovers. You will see the best of Jamaica in a week. You will have an amazing swim with friendly dolphins and climb the stunning Dunn's River Falls. Bike in the beautiful countryside and see fascinating wildlife, raft on the peaceful Martha Brae River and horseback on the sandy beach. You will enjoy a romantic sunset catamaran cruise with lively reggae and refreshing drinks, relax on the gorgeous Negril Beach and visit the famous Rick's Cafe. Then depart with unforgettable memories.


Day 1

Time : 2:00 pm

Arrive and Unwind in Paradise

As you touch down in the beautiful island of Jamaica, the warm Caribbean breeze welcomes you to your dream vacation. Upon arrival at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, you'll be transported to your comfortable hotel, where relaxation and luxury await. Check in, settle into your well-appointed room, and take in the stunning views of the turquoise sea or lush tropical gardens.

In the early evening, enjoy delicious local cuisine, So, kick back, savor the moment, and prepare for a week of fun, culture, and natural beauty in this Caribbean paradise.

Day 2

Time : 9:00 am

Dolphin Encounter and Dunn's River Adventure

9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Today promises a double dose of excitement and natural wonder. After a hearty breakfast at your resort, your adventure begins with a visit to Dolphin Cove, where the highlight of the day awaits. Dive into the azure waters for an unforgettable dolphin encounter. You'll have the chance to swim, touch, and play with these incredibly friendly and intelligent creatures. Expert trainers will provide insights into their behavior, communication, and the importance of dolphin conservation, making this experience not only thrilling but also educational.

Having made unforgettable memories with the dolphins, your journey continues to the famous Dunn's River Falls, one of Jamaica's most iconic attractions. This natural wonder beckons you to explore its terraced limestone rock formations. Embark on a guided climb up the cascading waterfalls, hand in hand with fellow travelers, creating a human chain that conquers this spectacular feat. Alternatively, you can relax in the natural pools at the base of the falls, where the cool, freshwater offers a refreshing respite.

As the sun begins to set, you'll embark on a scenic drive along the picturesque Jamaican coast back to your hotel. Reflect on the incredible experiences of the day as you enjoy the views and prepare for more adventures in this captivating island paradise.

Day 3

Time : 9:00 am

E-Bike Nature Ride

9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Today's adventure takes you off the beaten path as you explore the pristine natural beauty of St. Ann Parish. After a delicious breakfast at your resort, you'll embark on an exciting e-bike ride through the lush Jamaican countryside. These electric bikes make pedaling a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly traverse rolling hills, meander along quiet roads, and navigate scenic trails.

As you pedal along, take in the breathtaking vistas of green fields, tropical forests, and the unspoiled countryside that defines this part of Jamaica. Your journey will lead you to a local farm, where you'll have the opportunity to sample fresh, ripe fruits plucked right from the trees. Here, you'll also gain insights into the sustainable and organic farming practices that contribute to the island's rich agricultural heritage.

But the adventure doesn't end there. Your e-bike tour will then take you to a hidden waterfall, a secluded gem nestled in the heart of nature. After your ride, cool off in the refreshing waters of this secret oasis, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the tropical jungle. It's a serene and invigorating experience that will leave you feeling truly connected to Jamaica's natural wonders.

As you return to your hotel in the late afternoon, you'll carry with you the memories of a day filled with exploration, discovery, and immersion in the island's breathtaking landscapes.

Day 4

Time : 9:00 am

Blue Mountain biking leaving out from Ochi Rios

9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Explore the majestic Blue Mountains on a thrilling bike ride. You will be transported to the highest point of the mountain range, where you will enjoy breathtaking views of the island and the sea. Then, you will hop on your bike and descend through lush forests, coffee plantations, and charming villages. You will stop along the way to learn about the history and culture of the area, and taste some of the world's finest coffee. You will also have a chance to swim in a refreshing waterfall before returning to Ocho Rios.

Day 5

Time : 9:00 am

Bamboo River Rafting and Horseback Ride

9:00 am
Today offers a thrilling double adventure as you experience two of Jamaica's most beloved activities in one extraordinary day. After a hearty breakfast, get ready for an adventure-packed day that combines bamboo river rafting and horseback riding, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of Jamaica's natural beauty.

Your day begins with a leisurely bamboo river rafting experience down the tranquil Martha Brae River. You'll be guided by a skilled captain who not only expertly navigates the gentle currents but also shares captivating stories and legends about the area. As you float down the river on your bamboo raft, soak in the tranquility and breathtaking beauty of the river and its lush, tropical surroundings. It's a serene and immersive experience that allows you to connect with the natural rhythms of Jamaica.

Following your river adventure, enjoy a delicious lunch that replenishes your energy for the next thrilling activity. Afterward, it's time to saddle up for a horseback ride along the pristine beach and into the sparkling Caribbean sea. Feel the cool breeze on your face and the exhilaration of riding a horse through the waves. This unique experience offers a perspective of Jamaica's coastline that few get to enjoy.

As the day comes to a close, you'll return to your hotel with a sense of fulfillment and excitement, knowing that you've conquered both the tranquil river and the vibrant sea on this action-packed day of adventure.

Day 5

Reggae Sunset Catamaran Cruise Chukka

9:00am - 4:00 pm
Get ready for an evening of rhythm, relaxation, and revelry as you embark on a Reggae Sunset Catamaran Cruise Chukka along the stunning coast of Montego Bay. After a leisurely day, this adventure promises an unforgettable evening filled with music, drinks, and breathtaking views.

As the sun begins its descent, you'll board a luxurious catamaran adorned with vibrant reggae colors and tunes. Live reggae music sets the perfect mood as you set sail along the picturesque Jamaican coastline. Sip on refreshing drinks and savor delectable snacks served on board as you take in the gentle sea breeze and the sound of the waves.

Your cruise includes a stop at a pristine snorkeling spot where you can dive into the crystal-clear waters to discover colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs. Snorkeling gear is provided, making it easy for you to explore the underwater wonders of Jamaica.

As the day turns to night, the real magic happens. Watch in awe as the sun paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, creating a mesmerizing Caribbean sunset. Feel the infectious rhythm of reggae music as you dance and sing along with fellow travelers, creating unforgettable memories under the setting sun. This is the essence of Jamaica – a fusion of natural beauty and the island's iconic musical spirit.

As your catamaran returns to the harbor, you'll carry with you the warmth of the Jamaican sunset, the joy of reggae melodies, and the camaraderie of newfound friends. It's a magical evening that perfectly captures the essence of Jamaica's vibrant culture and breathtaking scenery.

Day 6

Time : 8:00 am

Negril's Laid-Back Charm

8:00am - 6:00pm
Prepare for a day of pure Caribbean relaxation as we delve into the laid-back lifestyle of Negril, a town so mellow and relaxed that it proudly bears the moniker "Capital of Casual." Leave your cares behind as you embark on a journey that encapsulates the very essence of Jamaican hospitality and leisure.

Our adventure begins with stops at quaint fishing villages along the way, offering you the chance to connect with the warm and friendly locals. Your expert guide will regale you with captivating stories of Jamaica's history and culture, enriching your understanding of this vibrant island nation.

Upon reaching Negril, your taste buds will be treated to an authentic Jamaican lunch, a delightful culinary journey that showcases the diverse and flavorful dishes that define the island's cuisine.

The highlight of your day unfolds on the world-renowned Seven-Mile Beach, a pristine paradise featuring powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters. Whether you choose to lounge under the Caribbean sun, take a refreshing swim, or simply stroll along the shoreline, this iconic beach promises serenity and breathtaking beauty.

As the day gracefully transitions into evening, prepare to be captivated by one of Negril's most celebrated treasures: its mesmerizing sunset views. Positioned in western Negril, you'll have a front-row seat to witness the sun's descent over the horizon, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink.

As you bid farewell to this day of leisure, cultural immersion, and natural splendor, you'll carry with you the cherished memories of Negril's "Capital of Casual" and the enchanting allure of Jamaica's laid-back charm.

Day 7


It's time to bid farewell to the enchanting island of Jamaica, but fear not, for the memories you've created during your All-Inclusive Ultimate Nature Adventure will remain with you forever. After a final breakfast at your hotel, take a moment to reflect on the incredible experiences and new friends you've made.

With your heart full of Jamaican warmth and your bags packed with souvenirs, you'll be transferred to the airport for your flight home. As you journey back, remember the lush landscapes, the rhythmic reggae, the captivating culture, and the natural wonders that have made this trip so unforgettable.

Take one last look at the Jamaican coastline as you depart, knowing that you've embraced the best of nature and culture during your stay. Your All-Inclusive Ultimate Nature Adventure may be coming to a close, but the spirit of Jamaica will continue to inspire you long after you've returned home. Safe travels!



  1. Flights: Airfare to and from Jamaica is included
  2. Accommodation: 3 nights' stay in a 3–4-star all-inclusive hotel.
  3. Transportation: Airport transfers and all transportation related to the specified activities.
  4. Luminous Lagoon Experience: Guided tour to witness the natural bioluminescence phenomenon.
  5. Chukka Outpost Ultra Adventure: Full-day adventure with ziplining, obstacle courses, and off-road safari.
  6. Appleton Estate Triple Experience: Guided tour of the estate, rum-making process, and tastings.
  7. Meals: All-inclusive meals throughout the itinerary, including breakfast (hotel), lunch (activities), and dinner (hotel).
  8. Resort Amenities: Access to resort facilities, including pools, beaches, and entertainment.
  9. Expert Guides: Knowledgeable guides for each activity, ensuring a safe and enriching experience.
  10. Itinerary Management: Detailed scheduling and coordination of all activities (subject to change).
  1. Travel Insurance: We recommend purchasing travel insurance for added protection.
  2. Optional Excursions: Any optional excursions not mentioned in the itinerary are not covered.
  3. Personal Expenses: Expenses such as souvenirs, additional drinks, or items of a personal nature are excluded.
  4. Gratuities: Tips for guides, drivers, and service staff are not included.
  5. Visa Fees: Visa fees or entry requirements are not included and should be arranged independently.
  6. Medical Expenses: Any medical expenses or treatments required during the trip are not covered.
  7. Any Additional Costs: Costs arising from changes to the itinerary due to personal preferences or unforeseen circumstances are not included.

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The tour package includes accommodation, meals, transportation, activities, and guides. The only thing that is not included is air fare.

The tour lasts for 4 days and 3 nights. You will arrive in Montego Bay on the first day and depart from Montego Bay on the last day.

The tour package includes an All-inclusive hotel. You will share room with a bathroom, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. The accommodation is rated 3 or 4 stars or higher by TripAdvisor.

The tour package includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. You will have a variety of dishes to choose from, including local specialties, vegetarian options, and international cuisine.