Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Online Inquiry Begin your journey by visiting Amiya Tours’ website, where you’ll find a diverse selection of multi-day tour packages in Jamaica. Explore the available options, read detailed descriptions, and view sample itineraries.

Step 2: Tour Selection Select your preferred tour package by choosing the destination, duration, and type of experience that aligns with your interests. You can also review customization options or special offers available for certain packages.

Step 3: Customization (Optional) For travelers seeking a personalized touch, Amiya Tours offers the flexibility to customize your tour. You can request specific activities, upgrade accommodations, or make other personalized adjustments to cater to your preferences.

Step 4: Booking Confirmation Once you’ve selected your tour package, Amiya Tours will promptly confirm the availability of your chosen dates and accommodations. This confirmation is sent to your email, ensuring transparency and clarity.

Step 5: Payment Make a deposit or full payment for your tour package through secure online payment options provided on Amiya Tours’ website. Detailed payment instructions are included for your convenience.

Step 6: Flight Booking Sit back and relax as Amiya Tours takes care of booking your airline tickets to Jamaica. We ensure that your flights align with the tour dates and itinerary. Prior to your departure, you’ll receive comprehensive flight details, including itineraries and e-tickets.

Step 7: Accommodation Your tour package includes accommodation, which is confirmed by Amiya Tours. While we aim to secure RIU as the preferred hotel, it may vary based on availability. Rest assured that we select a similar, high-quality hotel to ensure your comfort during your stay.

Step 8: Transportation Upon your arrival in Jamaica, you’ll be warmly welcomed by Amiya Tours’ representatives or designated transportation services at the airport. They’ll provide comfortable and reliable transportation to your hotel. For daily tours and activities, transportation will be efficiently arranged and provided by the respective tour companies, ensuring seamless access to all scheduled experiences.

Step 9: Meals During your daily tours and excursions, you can look forward to delightful meals as most activities include lunch as part of the package. The detailed itinerary provided to you will clearly indicate when lunch is not included for specific activities. This transparency allows you to plan your meals and dietary preferences accordingly, ensuring a stress-free dining experience throughout your journey.

Step 10: Tour Itinerary Access your comprehensive tour itinerary through Amiya Tours’ website. This detailed itinerary outlines your daily activities, including visits to attractions, cultural experiences, and recreational activities. Prices for optional excursions are also provided, ensuring you have a clear plan for your adventure.

Step 11: Unguided Tours For unguided tours, you’ll have the flexibility to explore at your own pace, following the provided itinerary. Amiya Tours ensures that the itinerary is well-planned and comprehensive, offering you the freedom to make the most of your trip.

Step 12: Pickup and Drop-off For most tours outside of Portland, Amiya Tours arranges convenient pickup and drop-off at your hotel for scheduled activities. Transportation for travelers exploring Portland may be self-arranged or coordinated with Amiya Tours based on your preferences.

Step 13: Enjoyment Embark on your multi-day tour, following the itinerary and immersing yourself in the included activities, meals, and accommodations. Amiya Tours is available throughout your journey to provide support and assistance, ensuring you enjoy your exploration of Jamaica to the fullest.

Step 14: Departure At the conclusion of your tour, transportation is arranged from your hotel to the airport for your departure, marking the end of an unforgettable Jamaican adventure with Amiya Tours.